Your street. Your community. Your prayers.

The National Prayer Weekend is an opportunity for Christians to show God’s love to those around them in a real and tangible way, as churches and communities unite in prayer for their local area. The National Prayer Weekend is inspired by CWR's roots of personal and national transformation through prayer and Bible reading.

The idea is simple. Ask people in your local area whether they would like prayer. Gather prayer requests together and pray for them.

We've joined in with churches and organisations all over the country, including Hope, 24-7 Prayer, Neighbourhood Prayer Network and the Evangelical Alliance. 


The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, encourages this prayer initiative by saying:

"Prayer matters, and prayer changes everything. Because as God changes us in prayer he drives us out to be justice-seekers, peacemakers, healers and bringers of good news" 


Mick Brooks, Chief Executive of CWR, explains: 

"From the head teacher at our local schools, the staff at our local supermarkets to our next-door neighbours, we want everyone to discover the love of Jesus through the blessing of prayer. Churches, community groups and individuals from across the country are being invited to engage with their communities in prayer, asking for prayer requests from individuals, organisations and institutions in order to transform their lives through personalised prayer on this special weekend."


We believe that local people praying for their community can change lives. Make God's love known to the people around you.

Your street. Your community. Your prayers.