Did you feel the mountain's tremble?

By Steve Adams, Marketing and Communications Manager at CWR

This weekend the mountain’s trembled. As Christian’s across the globe prayed, called out, sought Christ for their communities, so things happened. We’ve valued your partnership in this year’s National Prayer Weekend. You’ve stood with people in 18 nations, across 5 continents, to honour Jesus and bless your neighbours.

Seven ideas of how to pray for schools...

By Jane Newey, England Coordinator for Pray for Schools  

Our vision - ‘every school to be a prayed for school!’

Pray for Schools has a passion to mobilize Christians to support their school communities through prayer. We’re a network of individuals and groups of Christians who care about young people and have a heart to intercede for education, especially by praying and supporting their local schools.

Prayer and politics!

By Celia Bowring, Communications Executive, CARE

How can we pray effectively into this complicated, problematic area of national life? This year has been like a whirlwind: the snap General Election and so many changes in leadership, Brexit getting off the ground and problems in the Northern Ireland Assembly, to mention a few events. We need to be inspired, informed and specific.

Why prayer walk?

By Brian Heasley, International Prayer Director, 24-7 Prayer

One of the most powerful things I believe that we could do as individuals and communities, as we start to prepare for the National Prayer Weekend, is prayer walk. There is no better way to see what makes your community tick, and to identify the areas you want to see God bless, than walking around it and praying!