Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I join in with the National Prayer Weekend?

Praying for your local  community is a wonderful way to unite your neighbourhood and introduce people to prayer and the love of Jesus. Have a look at the videos on our Welcome page and hear why so many people, organisations and churches believe in the opportunity National Prayer Weekend gives us.

On a more practical level, if you Join In and register with us, you will have access to our fantastic and free support resources, including sermon outlines and helpful prayer tips to help you run your weekend. So Join In and get your community pinned to the prayer map today!

2. Do I have to be part of a church to register?

You don’t have to be part of a church to take part! Individuals, groups or churches can register. Have a look at our prayer Map – maybe there is already a prayer pin in your area and you could connect with others in your locality?

3. Does my whole church need to take part?

You can pray as an individual, with friends, in a small group, or as a whole church; the number of people doesn't matter. If you do work with others though, you can share the workload in planning and organising and you can share the fun too!

4. Will the weekend cost anything to hold?The best things in life are free – and prayer is definitely one of them! It is completely free to sign up to the National Prayer Weekend and our Resources page is packed with free downloadable resources for you to use. Depending on how you plan the weekend, you may have some costs (such as printing or refreshments) – but how much you want to spend on the weekend is entirely up to you!

5. How much time will I have to invest for the weekend?

Invest as much time as you want or can. Every prayer counts! Whether that's a 48 hour event with a rotation of people praying around the clock or a 1-hour coffee meet-up.

6. When should I start planning the weekend?

We think it is best to start as soon as possible to make sure you have enough time to send out and later collect all the prayer requests from your community (MP’s may take several weeks to get back to you), but when you start planning is up to you. We have put some helpful tips on timings in our 'how to' guide (see the Resources page), which may help you work out your schedule. 

7. Will you help me plan and organise the weekend?

Of course! There are lots of free materials and resources on our Resources page that you can personalise or adapt to suit your weekend. For example, our free sermon outline resources help encourage the whole church to think about prayer. The easy-to-use 'how to' guide can help you look at the bigger picture (just visit our How To page to download a free PDF)! We would love to hear how your plans are going, just email us your thoughts at

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see some of creative ideas from other people doing the National Prayer Weekend!

8. Can I duplicate material from the website and the free resources?

Absolutely! We've purposefully posted the free resources as Microsoft Word documents and PDF files so that you can download, edit and shape them to suit the needs of your communities. You can duplicate as many of these free resources as you would like.

Please note that Living on a Prayer (Pete Greig and Carla Harding) and Why Pray? (J.John) booklets, along with Topz Tips on Prayer and Pens Special Prayer, are copyrighted materials. You will need to order copies of the books if you would like to use them over your weekend.

 9. How can I buy the booklets on prayer: Living on a Prayer and Why Pray?

Prayer and Why Pray? can be ordered via the CWR store (while stocks last). Alternatively, check out your local Christian bookshop – don't forget to tell people about National Prayer Weekend while you are there!

10. Should I add a prayer pin to the prayer map?

Putting your pin on the map is a great way to encourage others to get involved – it's a visual reminder for people to see that their community is going to be covered in prayer. We would love to see the map of the world filling up with all the places people will be praying during the National Prayer Weekend.

We will not reveal any personal information on your prayer pin – just the name of your church or group (or the first part of your postcode area (if you are registering as an individual). It is completely free and you can of course opt out of the prayer map on the registration form if you don't want a pin on the map.

11. What can I do after the weekend is finished?

Have a look at the After the Weekend section of our 'how to' guide for ideas on how to keep conversation of prayer in your community going. Don't forget to email us at to tell us all about your weekend and keep in touch on the Facebook and Twitter pages!