Prayer Booklets

Make God’s love known to the people around you and introduce them to a God who listens to them with these prayer booklets.


Living on a Prayer

Get people thinking about how prayer relates to their ordinary lives. Written by Carla Harding and Pete Greig from 24-7 Prayer, this booklet offers a contemporary, honest look at how effective prayer is, for people hearing it for perhaps the very first time.

ISBN 978-1-78259-585-4
£4.99 – pack of 10 booklets


Why Pray?

Looking at the Lord’s Prayer, exploring the importance of each section. Specially written for the National Prayer Weekend, by Rev Canon J.John, Why Pray? introduces people to a God who listens and invites them to try praying. 

ISBN 978-1-78259-440-6
£4.99 – pack of 10 booklets


Topz Tips for Prayer

Help children discover the amazing gift of prayer with the Topz Gang. Discover how exciting prayer is with puzzles, stories and tips on what to say, how to listen and how to make prayer part of daily life.

Ages 7–11.                                                                                        

ISBN 978-1-78259-630-1


Pens Special Prayer

Help young readers to draw closer to God as they understand more about the wonderful gift of prayer. With five days of Bible readings, thoughts and prayers, see how different Bible characters prayed – and how God responded.

Ages 3–6.

ISBN 978-1-78259-675-2