A weekend to make God’s love known to those around you. On your street, in your community, with your prayers. We believe that local people praying for their community can change lives.

Over the past two years thousands of communities in the UK, and across the world, have taken part in the National Prayer Weekend. Christians have covered their local areas in prayer. Hundreds of thousands of neighbours, local business owners, teachers, friends, bus drivers and strangers have been asked whether they have would like to be prayed for.

More than 30,000 people joined in and prayed for their communities during the National Prayer Weekend 2017. Watch this space for testimonies, pictures and news as we receive stories from your weekends!


CWR introduces the heart behind the weekend.


Prayer Spaces in Schools focuses on great free resources.

24-7 Prayer highlights the incredible power of prayer.


HOPE suggests ways to pray for your community.


Get involved with a network of praying people all over the world.


Join In to get your community pinned on the map. Watch as pins representing people praying for their local areas all over the world begin to cover the map.